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POTS Replacement Made Simple

FrontierUS is excited to present an all new POTS replacement solution designed to seamlessly convert traditional POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) connections to cellular. As legacy lines continue to phase out, this POTS adapter offers a reliable and future-proof alternative for maintaining essential communication services.

Key Advantages of the Peplink POTS Adapter

Ease of Installation

Updating legacy analog phone line connections to cellular is simple with our POTS replacement solution. The plug-and-play design of Peplink’s POTS Adapter requires only a power source and a cellular network signal, making deployment straightforward and efficient.

FrontierUS POTS Replacement Ease of Installation

Remote Configuration and Management

Utilize the InControl 2 cloud-based management platform to configure and manage the POTS Adapter remotely. You can also receive customized status alerts via email or push notification. These capabilities enhance operational efficiency and significantly reduce the need for on-site technical support.

Certified for Industrial and Commercial Use

This POTS replacement solution can effectively cater to a broad spectrum of market requirements. The adapter is certified for industrial and commercial applications, making it suitable for a wide range of uses including alarms, elevators, blue light emergency phones, and fax lines.

FrontierUS POTS Replacement Solution Flexible Power Options

Flexible Power Options

The Peplink POTS Adapter can be powered using USB-C or 4-pin Molex connector, depending on what is available on site. If preferred, both can be used at the same time for extra redundancy.

Minimal Power Consumption

Designed for energy efficiency, the POTS Adapter operates with minimal power consumption. This increases device longevity and reduces operational costs for the POTS replacement solution overall.

Make It Plug & Play

Advanced Configuration Services

FrontierUS offers Advanced Configuration Services that enable partners to configure devices before shipping. This ensures a seamless and efficient deployment process, saving time and resources.

Activate Where You Buy

Get coverage from the three largest US carriers and access to over 800 networks worldwide with a single SIM. FrontierUS also offers data plans through all major US carriers, ensuring comprehensive connectivity solutions with our POTS replacement solution.

FrontierUS ACS Advanced Configuration Services Zakk

POTS Replacement Solution Applications

  • Alarm Systems: Ensure alarm systems remain operational without the need for traditional phone lines.
  • Elevators: Maintain reliable communication for emergency elevator phones.
  • Blue Light Phones: Keep blue light emergency phones functional with modern LTE connectivity.
  • Fax Machines: Convert fax machines to operate over cellular networks, ensuring they remain in service as POTS lines disappear.
FrontierUS Peplink POTS Replacement Solution Applications

Why Choose FrontierUS for POTS Replacement?

At FrontierUS, we understand the critical role of maintaining uninterrupted communication services. Our POTS Replacement solution is designed to be highly flexible, while minimizing downtime and maximizing reliability. Our expert support and robust network solutions make deploying this POTS Adapter painless and efficient. There’s no complex programming required, and you can get a dial tone in minutes.

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