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Complete Peplink Solutions for Healthcare

Connecting Healthcare

In the current healthcare environment, reliable and high-speed internet connectivity is crucial for ensuring seamless operations, efficient patient care, and real-time data access. Peplink solutions are designed to meet the unique challenges of the healthcare sector, providing robust, secure, and easily deployable connectivity. Whether for remote clinics, emergency vehicles, or hospitals, Peplink’s innovative technology ensures continuous connectivity, enabling healthcare providers to deliver optimal care under any circumstances. Explore our roundup of complete network connectivity solutions to see how Peplink empowers healthcare organizations to achieve optimal efficiency and effective emergency response.

Pop-up Healthcare Clinics

Our Peplink bundle for pop-up clinics offers a highly portable and easy-to-deploy connectivity solution, perfect for temporary healthcare settings. Featuring the Peplink MAX BR1 Pro 5G router and a Slim antenna, this setup ensures high-speed 5G connectivity with gigabit throughput, enabling efficient internet access for patient registration, telemedicine services, and access to electronic health records. Configure and manage remotely via InControl 2, and leverage Hot Failover and Bandwidth Bonding for unbreakable connectivity.

FrontierUS Peplink Emergency Healthcare Vehicle Connectivity Bundle

Emergency Vehicles

Our Peplink solution for emergency vehicles, featuring the BR1 Pro 5G and Mobility 42G antenna, addresses key connectivity challenges faced by mobile medical teams. The BR1 Pro 5G router provides high-speed 5G connectivity, ensuring fast and reliable internet access in urban and rural areas alike. The Mobility 42G antenna enhances signal reception and stability, critical for maintaining seamless communication and data transfer while the vehicle is in motion. This combination enables healthcare teams to access real-time information, stream video for remote consultations, and transmit patient data securely.

Remote & Mobile Healthcare Clinics

Our solution for remote and mobile clinics delivers exceptional internet connectivity, crucial for accessing patient records and conducting telemedicine services in real-time. Designed to handle advanced healthcare services such as X-ray and mammogram transmissions, it ensures uninterrupted connectivity even in the most challenging locations.

FrontierUS Peplink Hospital Network Redundancy Solution

Hospital Network Redundancy Solution

Guarantee continuous internet connectivity in hospitals and clinics with our complete failover solution. This setup integrates multiple high-speed connections, including fiber, 5G, and Starlink, to minimize downtime during network outages. It ensures seamless network management and reliable backup, maintaining uninterrupted service for critical healthcare operations.

Healthcare Connectivity Simplified

FrontierUS offers reliable, flexible, and scalable network solutions that are ideal for addressing challenges in the healthcare sector. We provide our partners with complete network connectivity solutions that can keep critical networks online, even in the most demanding environments​​​​.


Complete Network Connectivity Solutions

FrontierUS stocks a wide range of rugged, reliable Peplink products, including routers, antennas, and switches that are an ideal fit for the healthcare applications. This allows our Partners to offer their end-users complete network solutions that meet the specific needs of each deployment.

Advanced Configuration Services

With FrontierUS Advanced Configuration Services (ACS), Partners can deliver plug-and-play connectivity solutions directly to their customers. This approach reduces installation time and saves resources.


Expert Support

FrontierUS acts as an extension of your team, providing expert pre-sales and post-sale support. This ensures that our Partners can confidently address any technical issues their end users encounter.


Data Bundling Opportunities

Through FrontierUS, Partners can bundle data services with connectivity solutions, providing a complete plug-and-play solution that meets all their customers’ connectivity needs. This can simplify the purchasing process and provide our Partners with new revenue streams​​.

Join a Winning Team

Partner with FrontierUS to provide your end-users with robust, reliable, flexible connectivity solutions that can provide unbreakable connectivity in even the most challenging environments. Fill out the contact form below to learn more about healthcare connectivity solutions and Partnership opportunities.