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Complete Peplink Solutions for MSPs

Unbreakable MSP Connectivity

Peplink provides comprehensive and scalable solutions that deliver highly secure, unbreakable connectivity​​. They offer simplified deployment and ease of management, without sacrificing robust capabilities. Peplink’s centralized management platform, InControl 2, further enhances efficiency by allowing remote monitoring and troubleshooting of client networks. Features like Hot Failover and Bandwidth Bonding ensure connection resilience and constant uptime with the use of multiple WANs.

By leveraging Peplink’s innovative solutions, MSPs can not only meet their clients’ connectivity demands but also streamline their operations, reduce costs, and enhance service reliability.

Wireless Connectivity Bundle

The Wireless Connectivity Bundle is designed to provide MSPs with reliable and flexible network solutions. This MAX BR1 Mini bundle is available in both LTEA and 5G versions. Get online via SIM or 3rd Party eSIM and easily add cellular backup to existing networks. The compact, easy-to-mount Slim Antenna is IP55-rated and has an ultra-wideband frequency range to ensure excellent signal reception.

FrontierUS Peplink Solutions for MSPs Enhanced Connectivity Bundle

Enhanced Connectivity Bundle

The Enhanced Connectivity Bundle takes MSP connectivity to the next level with the MAX BR1 Pro, which boasts gigabit throughput and improved Wi-Fi performance with Wi-Fi 6. Choose between 5G or CAT-20 LTEA modems to best fit your deployment. Peplink’s Slim Antenna again provides excellent signal reception for this bundle.

Essential Connectivity for MSPs

Where connectivity and resiliency are key, the SDX family stands out. The SDX Pro is ideal for mobile command vehicles, mobile healthcare, and temporary construction sites. With 24 Gbps throughput and 2 FlexModule ports this powerhouse router allows customization to fit your deployment needs. It also supports edge computing for websites, applications, and docker containers to connected devices.

Add dual 5G modules and LTEA modules with up to four LTEA modems for robust cellular backup. The SIM Injector module can hold to 56 SIM cards. Modules to add four SFP+ or an additional eight PoE ports and are also available. When unbreakable connectivity is essential, Peplink’s SDX routers provide scalable, future-proof connectivity for up to 2,000 users per device.

Connectivity Simplified

FrontierUS stocks a wide range of robust, reliable Peplink products, including routers, antennas, and switches that are an ideal fit for MSPs. No-touch services including SIM insertion, 3PL, and drop shipping are also available.

Advanced Configuration Services

With FrontierUS Advanced Configuration Services (ACS), Partners can deliver plug-and-play connectivity solutions directly to their customers. This approach reduces installation time and saves resources.


Expert Support

FrontierUS acts as an extension of your team, providing expert pre-sales and post-sale support. This ensures that our Partners can confidently address any technical issues their end users encounter.


Data Bundling Opportunities

Through FrontierUS, Partners can bundle data services with connectivity solutions, providing a complete plug-and-play solution that meets all their customers’ connectivity needs. This can simplify the purchasing process and provide our Partners with new revenue streams​​.

Join a Winning Team

FrontierUS provides our Partners with a seamless experience from product selection to delivery, ensuring quick deployment and reduced operational overhead for MSPs. Contact us today.