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InView: Unlock Growth with Streamlined Network Management

Network Management Challenges

Effective network management is essential for business growth. However, obstacles like skills gaps, limited visibility, and the lack of centralized tools can slow progress. InView addresses these challenges with a comprehensive solution that combines best-in-class network management and monitoring tools with a Network Operations Center. These tools and resources enable businesses to streamline operations and scale efficiently.

Network Management Challenges

Resource & Skills Gap: Maintaining a skilled workforce and ensuring consistent network responsiveness is challenging for IT teams.

Visibility: Staff, stakeholders, and vendors need accurate insights to diagnose and address IT issues effectively. Actionable insights can help them predict and prevent issues before they arise.

Lack of a Centralized Tool: Building a tech stack to monitor, report, and manage network health can be time-consuming and costly.

How InView Solves These Challenges

Best-in-class network management and monitoring platform

Maximize uptime by leveraging the capabilities of ServiceNow, LogicMonitor, and Sisense in a single unified platform. Get a consolidated view of all carriers, infrastructure, and third-party circuits. InView streamlines troubleshooting across vendors, providing peace of mind during issues. The integrated platform also removes the cost of maintaining in-house systems.

InView Platform
InView Detect Understand Resolve to Maximize Uptime

Detect with LogicMonitor: Monitor critical infrastructure with proactive alerts, enabling quick resolution of network issues.

Manage & Resolve with ServiceNow: Track tickets in real-time to ensure complete visibility into issue status from start to finish.

Gain Insights with Sisense: Simplify data analysis with AI and machine learning, empowering informed network decisions.

Network Operations Center

Team of Analysts: InView analysts extend your IT team, providing 24×7 coverage and managing your network performance proactively.

24x7x365 Monitoring: NOC analysts are available 24x7x365 to proactively resolve incidents, minimizing downtime.

Incident Management: Specialized experts deliver high-touch incident management tailored to your environment.

Customized Procedures: The team follows ITIL standards and develops customized troubleshooting procedures.

Outcome: Unified Solutions for Your Business

InView Unified Solutions for Your Business

Scalable Infrastructure: InView provides scalable infrastructure, allowing seamless expansion of connectivity services without heavy investments.

Streamlined Management: Centralized network management simplifies handling multiple customers through one dashboard.

Enhanced Monitoring and Reporting: Advanced tools enable proactive network management and detailed client reports.

Improved Customer Support: Integrated support tools offer quick resolutions and efficient ticket management.

Cost Efficiency: Subscription-based pricing aligns with business growth, reducing upfront investments.

InView is designed to help businesses effectively tackle the complexities of network management. By offering a comprehensive platform that integrates best-in-class network management tools with a Network Operations Center, InView provides the critical support businesses need to streamline their operations and maximize growth.

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