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Complete Peplink Solutions for Public Safety

Connecting Public Safety

Reliable communication is crucial in public safety operations. Peplink’s connectivity solutions provide emergency responders, vehicle fleets, surveillance teams, and headquarters with high-speed, secure networks. Whether it’s keeping emergency vehicles connected in remote areas or delivering real-time video streaming for situational awareness, Peplink’s innovative technology equips public safety agencies with the tools they need. Explore our roundup of complete network connectivity solutions to see how Peplink enables effective emergency response and operational efficiency.

Emergency Response Communications

Peplink solutions ensure reliable and uninterrupted communication during critical operations. Emergency response vehicles, like ambulances and fire trucks, can use Peplink routers to maintain communication with control centers, even in remote areas.

Peplink Emergency Response Communications Bundle
Peplink Public Safety Fleet Tracking Bundle

Fleet Tracking

Peplink solutions can support vehicle tracking and communication across a fleet of public safety vehicles, improving operational efficiency and safety. This includes real-time location tracking, route optimization, and data analytics.

Video Surveillance

Real-time video streaming is crucial for surveillance and situational awareness in public safety operations. Peplink’s Bandwidth Bonding technology can aggregate bandwidth from multiple sources to provide the high bandwidth needed for high-definition, uninterrupted video streaming.

Peplink Video Surveillance Bundle
Peplink Public Safety Remote Office Connectivity Solution

Remote Office Connectivity

For public safety agencies with remote or temporary offices, such as those set up for public events or in disaster relief zones, Peplink routers can provide reliable and secure internet access, supporting both operational needs and personnel welfare.

Drone Connectivity

Peplink’s connectivity solutions can be used to control and receive high-quality video feeds from drones used in search and rescue operations, accident or disaster inspection, and monitoring large crowds.

Peplink Surveillance Drone Complete Network Connectivity Solution
Peplink Public Safety Mobile Command Center Complete Network Connectivity Solutions

Mobile Command Centers

Mobile command vehicles equipped with Peplink routers can establish command posts at any location, with access to high-speed, stable internet for data transmission, coordination, and management of emergency situations.

Complete Headquarters Connectivity

While public safety headquarters have varying connectivity needs, this solution is recommended for 500-2000 users. The SDX Pro and dual 5G connectivity ensures seamless, high-speed connections for crucial devices such as dispatch systems, surveillance cameras, and secure administrative terminals.

Supported by enterprise-grade switches and access points, it provides the robust network infrastructure needed for efficient and secure communications in mission-critical environments. For more specific requirements, Peplink offers a wide range of scalable solutions that can be tailored to meet the unique demands of any public safety organization, ensuring secure and efficient communications.

Peplink solutions can also be hosted privately with InControl Virtual Applicance (ICVA) for deployments that need advanced security measures.

Public Safety Connectivity Simplified

FrontierUS offers reliable, flexible, and scalable network solutions that are ideal for addressing challenges in Public Safety. We provide our partners with complete network connectivity solutions that can keep First Responders online, even in the most demanding environments​​​​.


Complete Network Connectivity Solutions

FrontierUS stocks a wide range of rugged, reliable Peplink products, including routers, antennas, and switches that are an ideal fit for the Public Safety applications. This allows our Partners to offer their end-users complete network solutions that meet the specific needs of each deployment.

Advanced Configuration Services

With FrontierUS Advanced Configuration Services (ACS), Partners can deliver plug-and-play connectivity solutions directly to their customers. This approach reduces installation time and saves resources.


Expert Support

FrontierUS acts as an extension of your team, providing expert pre-sales and post-sale support. This ensures that our Partners can confidently address any technical issues their end users encounter.


Data Bundling Opportunities

Through FrontierUS, Partners can bundle data services with connectivity solutions, providing a complete plug-and-play solution that meets all their customers’ connectivity needs. This can simplify the purchasing process and provide our Partners with new revenue streams​​.

Join a Winning Team

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