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Peplink FusionHub: Everything You Need to Know

What is FusionHub?

FusionHub is Peplink’s virtual SpeedFusion appliance. FusionHub can establish SpeedFusion connections between cloud servers and physical Peplink devices, enabling enhanced connectivity, reliability, and performance.

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Key Capabilities of FusionHub

FusionHub adds new capabilities to your network infrastructure. It complements your virtual machine software’s high availability and fault tolerance features to enhance your network.

Bandwidth Bonding

Bandwidth Bonding allows you to combine the speeds of multiple internet connections to create a virtual WAN with a combined throughput of the individual WANs. This makes it possible to utilize the combined bandwidth of satellite, cable, fiber, and cellular connections simultaneously. Doing so can significantly boost your internet speed and ensure a stable connection, even if one of the connections becomes slow or fails.

FrontierUS Peplink With and Without Bandwidth Bonding

Improved Speed and Reliability

Stream videos and transfer large files quickly, even in remote areas with limited Internet access. This is particularly useful for businesses that need to send large amounts of data or provide streaming services in areas with poor connectivity. By aggregating multiple internet connections, FusionHub ensures a stable and high-speed connection, making remote operations more efficient.

Combine Different Connectivity Sources

Use a mix of wired, satellite, and cellular connections connections together to increase total available bandwidth. This flexibility ensures high-speed connectivity even if one source is weak or unstable. This capability is crucial for locations with limited access to high-speed internet, as it leverages all available connections to boost overall performance.

FrontierUS Peplink SpeedFusion VPN for Network Security

Unbreakable VPN

FusionHub can create an unbreakable VPN by combining connections from multiple service providers. This secure connection remains stable even if one or more of your internet connections fail.

Packet-Level Seamless Failover

If one of your WAN links fails, your data sessions will stay active. By seamlessly switching to a backup connection without dropping packets, FusionHub ensures that there is no noticeable disruption in service. This allows VoIP calls, online meetings, and other critical applications continue without interruption.

Cellular Backup Connections

Set bandwidth-limited 5G/LTE links for hot failover if your primary connection fails. If the primary wired connection is lost, cellular backup will allow operations to continue without any downtime.

Basic Failover

Peplink SpeedFusion Basic Failover

Hot Failover

Peplink SpeedFusion Hot Failover

Cloud Server Agnostic

FusionHub can be deployed in private, public, or hybrid cloud environments. This flexibility allows you to deploy FusionHub anywhere at a moment’s notice and establish as many instances as needed to support your customers.

Local and Remote Deployment

Deploy FusionHub in a local datacenter or remotely in a public cloud. Whether you are expanding your infrastructure or setting up a temporary remote site, FusionHub offers an efficient, cost-effective solution.

Peplink FusionHub Virtual Appliance for SOHO to Large Enterprises

FusionHub and InControl 2

InControl 2 Centralized Management

Manage all your FusionHub instances centrally with InControl 2, Peplink’s cloud-based management platform. InControl 2 also provides real-time client information. This platform simplifies network administration by providing a single interface for monitoring and managing networks. In addition, it is possible to remotely manage and monitor all Peplink devices on the networks. Configurations and firmware updates can be pushed to hundreds of devices with a single click.

Peplink Ecosystem Benefits with FusionHub

FusionHub integrates seamlessly with the Peplink ecosystem, enhancing network. By leveraging Peplink’s SpeedFusion technology, FusionHub provides a robust solution for businesses looking to improve their connectivity, reliability, and performance in the cloud. This integration allows for a cohesive and comprehensive network strategy that maximizes the strengths of both physical and virtual networking components.

Use Cases

FusionHub Solo

FusionHub Solo brings SpeedFusion to mobile and small branch offices without the need to invest in additional hardware. It is ideal for small businesses or remote teams that need reliable internet connectivity. Just install it in your cloud service of choice to unlock unbreakable connectivity and unparalleled speed with Bandwidth Bonding.

Peplink FusionHub Solo for Home and Small Remote Offices

The FusionHub Solo license is free of charge, although an InControl 2 subscription is required to manage Peplink devices through InControl 2. With FusionHub Solo, customers who own just a single Peplink router can enjoy the benefits of Peplink’s SpeedFusion SD-WAN technologies.

Peplink FusionHub for Enterprise


Keep Business Applications Online with SpeedFusion

Combine multiple internet links from different ISPs to create unbreakable high-speed connections to crucial enterprise applications. This ensures that critical business applications remain accessible and perform well, even if one of the connections fails.

Session Persistence

Maintain session integrity even when WAN connections break, ensuring that applications continue to run smoothly. This is crucial for maintaining productivity and avoiding disruptions in workflow.

Pay as You Grow Pricing

The scalability of FusionHub means you can start with a small deployment and expand as your business grows, without the need for significant upfront investment. Save on initial capital expenditures and grow your network affordably by scaling your FusionHub deployments as your business needs increase. This flexible pricing model allows you to align your network costs with your business growth.

Managed Service Providers (MSPs)

Provide SpeedFusion Servers to Your Customers

Run multiple instances of FusionHub in your datacenter or cloud infrastructure or utilize Virtual Routing and Forwarding within the FusionHub to provide each customer with their own SpeedFusion-enabled cloud server. This allows MSPs to offer high-performance, reliable network solutions to their clients.

Peplink FusionHub for MSPs

Add Value to Existing Services

Enhance services with SpeedFusion to make them faster and more reliable, solving connectivity issues and offering unbreakable VPN connections using affordable, commodity internet connections. This added value can help differentiate service offerings in a competitive market.

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