Peplink 5G Antennas

Peplink 5G cellular antennas to power any application

Peplink 5G Antennas are available for purchase by authorized resellers.

Peplink Mobility Antennas

Peplink’s Mobility series is great for general deployment, and especially in vehicles. With a variety options, it’s customizable to suit your customers’ needs. It also supports Band 71, which is crucial for many RV users. This antenna is designed for mobile applications, these outdoor antennas provide the unbreakable connectivity you need wherever and whenever you need it.


5G Ready • IP68-rated and UV-proof • Band 71-compatible • 7dBi High Gain

Peplink Maritime Antennas

Unbreakable connectivity at sea is achievable at last with the Maritime antenna series. The Maritime series is specifically designed for use on the high seas. With its extra wide frequency range, reaching frequencies as low as 410MHz, you’ll be able to receive a signal when no other antennas are able.

5G Ready • IP68-rated and UV-proof • GPS Support • 7dBi High Gain

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