Partner Testimonials

Access Wireless Data Solutions

Access WDS has been working closely with FrontierUS as its Peplink product source since 2016. Access is also a long time value-added reseller of alternative products, and we work with their FrontierUS equivalents on a regular basis. The level of service and support provided by FrontierUS has been exemplary. This was especially true while we were onboarding the Peplink product line—when the level of support is most essential.

Len Luttinger, Director

Broad Sky Networks

FrontierUS is always so responsive to any questions I have. They keep us informed about new products and understand who Broad Sky Networks is and what we are trying to do. Any time that I contact them, they let me know they have received my order and when I can expect it.

Carri Gustafson, Director of Operations

Maz Ocean

Over the last five years, Maz Ocean has come to rely on the expertise and great product offerings from Frontier Computer Corp. Not only does their team have expert product knowledge, they are very responsive to all our requests for ordering and support. They’re quite simply the gold standard we’ve come to look for in our suppliers.

Hunter Parker, Account Manager

Linksters Management Group

Our cloud-based Point of Sale systems require always-up internet, and our relationship with FrontierUS and Peplink has been an amazing solution for our needs. Prior to finding FrontierUS, we were simply purchasing routers from local stores that offered little—if any—support or firmware updates and, when things broke, we just went out and replaced them. It wasn’t an ideal situation, and as we grew our bars from two to five to ten and beyond, it was clear we needed top-quality products and support.

FrontierUS and our dedicated Partner Manager are always there when called upon, and their technical team is second to none. When something isn’t right, which is not very often, we can always count on a knowledgeable person on the other end of the phone or email with a solution.

Tony Bartucci, Director of Operations

Bluewater Technologies

We’ve been working with Frontier Computer Corp. since 2014, and our experience has been exceptional. The sales team is great to work with. They always provide informative and useful product information, and they support us by providing the hardware needed—or solutions if the product isn’t available. When we need technical support, it’s given in a timely manner, and the technicians are easy to work with.

Beth Irvin, Operations Manager

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