We deliver fast, trusted, comprehensive, and precise network connectivity solutions.

More revenue, using fewer resources

FrontierUS is a value added Peplink distributor, collaborator, and advisor that empowers and supports our customers around the globe. Focus on your core competencies by leveraging our network connectivity services from project inception to post-installation support.

FrontierUS Customer Lifecycle

What We Offer


Value Added Peplink Distribution

We simplify every step from project inception to post-installation support. We offer complete network connectivity solutions for any application.


Peplink Support

We’re there for you when you need us.

Live Peplink Phone Support

Advanced Configuration Services

Efficient and cost-effective solution for network device and router configuration.


Professional Services

Let us serve as an extension of your team, so you can focus on growth and innovation.


Data Resale and Cosale

Seamlessly bundle data services with connectivity solutions.

Starlink Solutions

High-bandwidth, low latency internet anywhere. We support complete network solutions for any application.

Customization & Value-Added Services

We’re part of your team. You’re not alone in engineering complex solutions

Peplink Distribution

Unbreakable connectivity even in the most challenging environments

Customer Support

Expert Pre-sale and Post-sale Support for network connectivity solutions

Advanced Configuration Services

Delivering plug-and-play network connectivity solutions

What Our Partners Are Saying

Partner Testimonials

“Over the last five years, Maz Ocean has come to rely on the expertise and great product offerings from FrontierUS. Not only does their team have expert product knowledge, they are very responsive to all our requests for ordering and support. They’re quite simply the gold standard we’ve come to look for in our suppliers.”

Hunter Parker, Account Manager, Maz Ocean