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19Labs Peplink Telemedicine Deployment Guyana

From Telemedicine to Connected Community

Telemedicine Meets Healthcare Needs in the Most Remote Communities on Earth
Healthcare is an acute need in remote rural communities in Guyana. 19Labs is bringing the world’s most advanced rural telemedicine deployment there. By leveraging Peplink's unique capabilities, they are able to deliver advanced healthcare, save lives, and bring better quality of health to these communities overall.
Cumaral School Students Dancing

FrontierUS & Peplink Bring Connectivity to Colombian School

Teachers Now Have Access to Vital New Tools and Resources
A teacher from the school says, "My fellow teachers and I are deeply grateful to Peplink for their generous donation of equipment to our school. I also want to thank FrontierUS for making this dream a reality."
FrontierUS Peplink CCS MERC System Interior

Comprehensive Communication Services Keeps First Responders Online

Enabling Effective Communication During Disaster Response
CCS was founded with a total commitment to providing First Responders with effective communication anywhere in the world regardless of the local conditions. Their Mobile Emergency Response Centers (MERCs) provide First Responders with mobile communications and power resources that enable them to respond to any manmade or natural disaster.
FrontierUS Fusion Marine Peplink Starlink Maritime Case Study

Starlink with Peplink Solution Boosts Fishing Trawler Connectivity

Fusion Marine Provides Global Maritime Coverage
By embracing this Starlink with Peplink solution, the crew on board can access high-speed, low-latency internet when operating in remote areas. This will make it easier for them to remain connected to work colleagues, family, and friends.
FrontierUS Peplink goRoam Case Study Mobile Office Interior

GoRoam Brings Connectivity to One-of-a-Kind Mobile Office

Providing Secure, Reliable Internet Across Rural Texas
goRoam had a client looking to convert a school bus into a complete mobile office. The problem was that he wasn’t sure how to bring his own internet into the mobile office to carry out business activities. They gave him unbreakable connectivity.
FrontierUS Peplink Sea-Tech Systems Narwhal 1

Sea-Tech Systems Solution Gives Boaters Turnkey Connectivity

Turnkey Connectivity for Boats of All Sizes
Narwhal Wi-Fi Onboard is is a turnkey connectivity solution designed by Sea-Tech Systems. It’s powerful and user-friendly, simple to install, and even simpler to use. It can be tailored to ensure unbreakable connectivity for voice and data communications on sail and power boats of all sizes.

Starlink with Peplink Connectivity at Leighton Art Centre

Starlink with Peplink Connectivity at Leighton Art Centre
Leighton Art Center needed a cost-effective solution that could provide connectivity for over 20,000 attendees per year in a remote location east of the Canadian Rockies. DCI Technologies to solved their connectivity challenges by combining Starlink with Peplink technologies.
FrontierUS Peplink iTel Case Study 1

iTel Networks Partners with FrontierUS for Peplink Solution

A Need for Connection Resilience
A nationwide financial institution in Canada needed to fix network shortcomings they were experiencing with their existing MPLS infrastructure. iTel collaborated with FrontierUS on a Peplink deployment that enables a fully integrated, secure VPN solution across thousands of branch offices nationwide.
Spot On Networks - Turnkey Peplink Connectivity

Spot On Networks

Turnkey Peplink Connectivity for Multifamily Residential Communities
As experts in connectivity for multi-unit housing communities, Spot On Networks knows the value of connectivity—and support—that always works. Learn why Peplink routers are the perfect backbone for their solutions.
St. Rock Hospital

Peplink Case Study: Build Health International

Connectivity to Enable Top-quality Healthcare Worldwide
A global nonprofit organization, Build Health International works to enable high-quality healthcare in some of the world’s most vulnerable places. Learn how Peplink devices provide the connectivity they need for communications and energy infrastructure at facilities in Haiti.
Rockstar Show Services

Peplink Case Study: Rockstar Show Services

Video Production Connectivity that Always Works
Learn how Peplink technology powers Rockstar Show Services’s Unbreakable Internet Core, a mobile connectivity solution capable of replacing a video production satellite truck.
1SimplePhone Pepwave MAX BR1s


Powering Connectivity for 100 COVID-19 Testing Sites
When a medical testing agency needed an inexpensive, user-friendly, and secure mobile internet solution for their drive-up COVID-19 testing sites, 1SimplePhone’s Jonathan Pitts developed a Peplink-based system that delivered on all requirements.
FrontierUS Lobel’s of New York BerkmanTech Peplink Case Study

Lobel’s of New York

Always-on Disaster-proof VoIP
One of the world’s most respected butcher shops, Lobel’s of New York serves food aficionados worldwide through online and phone ordering. Learn how FrontierUS partner BerkmanTech implemented a Peplink-powered system that keeps Lobel’s up and running—even through natural disasters.
Live X Control Room

Live X & Castle Point Technologies

Unbreakable Connectivity for Broadcasting World-class Events
Live X provides broadcasting services for some of the world’s highest-profile events. Learn how FrontierUS partner Castle Point Technologies crafted them a Peplink-powered SD-WAN solution that gives Live X the mission-critical Unbreakable Connectivity they and their clients need.

U.S. Ski Team

Truly Remote Unbreakable Connectivity
They carve through fresh powdered slopes, glide down epic terrain, and perform extreme freestyle acrobatics. They are the U.S. Ski and Snowboard team!

Greenville County Sheriff

Broadcast Quality Video from the Air
The Greenville County Sheriff’s Department has a Bell OH58C helicopter they use for a range of law enforcement, reconnaissance, and rescue operations. Using Peplink SpeedFusion technology, Joe Schmauch of Greenville Media enabled the mobile command center and responders in the field to view real-time video from the sky.


Replacing Telephone Back-up
Peplink Partner AstrumSat creates distributed commercial-grade broadband networks with an emphasis on satellite communication. They incorporate satellite, DSL, cable, fixed wireless and other technologies to give their clients a single global network.

M/Y Limitless

Worldwide secure VPN
M/Y Limitless vessel travels throughtout the Caribbean, USA and Europe and found a solution with High Gain Omni Directional Cellular Antennas to deliver a strong consistent signal.

M/Y Fortunate Sun

Consistent Connection in Multiple Countries
Because the vessel cruises Europe, the Caribbean and USA, access to a reliable, strong consistent signal was crucial for connectivity overseas.


Internet on the Mediterranean
Chiqui needed fast, reliable download speeds and a stronger signal for their guests and crew, up to 20 users at one time.

WVU Robotics

The WVU Robotics team used Pepwave routers for robust connections.
West Virginia University used the Max HD2 Mini 4G LTE Bandwidth Bonding Router and a Balance 210 Dual-Wan Router to design and fabricate a sample collection rover for the NASA Rasc-Al Robo-ops competition hosted at the NASA Johnson Space Center’s Rock Yard.

Longboat Key

Community Wi-Fi for 212 Homes
212 homes are now powered by Pepwave AP Pro Wi-Fi Access Points. With IP67 ratings the AP Pro can handle the weather and temperature extremes.


Rugged Waterproof Cellular Routers for 40 Vessels
Chemgas has always struggled with connectivity on their vessels. The cellular signal they were getting was weak and the system, not easy to configure in the first place.


Replace Expensive MPLS
Pluss was looking to replace their externally sourced WAN infrastructure to an in-house solution that they could manage.

Colégio Next

A Fast Connection for 500 Students
Colégio Next, a recognized Apple Distinguished School, deploys over 500 iPads to its 600 students as a teaching and learning tool.
Stillwater Police Car

Stillwater Oklahoma Police

Reliability at 100 Degrees
The consumer-grade networking gear used in the initial deployment wasn’t up to the task: a few months in, scorching summer heat began breaking down the devices. Stillwater Police needed a tougher option – and fast.
Maritime Cellular Data


Full-time Connection at Sea
Allseas’ Pioneering Spirit, needed a way to stay online at all times, whether it’s out in the ocean on a decommissioning project or moored by the shore. A solution where they can make use of all available connections is of paramount importance.
FrontierUS Peplink Harrington Industrial Plastics MPLS

Harrington Industrial Plastics

More Bandwidth and Reliability without MLPS
Harrington Industrial Plastics saved a fortune on upgrades and ended up with yearly savings of up to $100,000.

Clinton National Bank

Lower Cost and Better Performance
Clinton National Bank deployed Peplink Devices at their two largest branches to upgrade their MPLS. They now have exactly what they needed – speed and reliability.
Bowen Engineering

Bowen Engineering

Immediate Deployment at Any Location
Bowen Engineering needed internet and VPN available on every worksite within minutes of first boots on the ground.