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Success Factors

Live Testing and Education

GoRoam has a lot of experience creating configurations that work really well their clients. They always have a live test on a call. They also teach clients how to go into InControl 2 and make adjustments to their network configuration.

Trust and Familiarity with Peplink

“We’re super familiar with Peplink,” said Founder/CEO of goRoam Jessica Jorgensen. “We know how rock solid it is. I didn’t even talk to any other distributors. I went to my FrontierUS account manager Jon Grote and said this is what I want to do, let’s figure it out.” Regardless of what carrier was available they knew that Peplink gear could provide robust connectivity.

Concierge Service

GoRoam loves the Advanced Configuration Services (ACS) offered by FrontierUS. They need to provision devices before sending them to clients, but they run their business from their RV on the road. Having devices shipped to their current location then sending them to end users was a logistics nightmare. By utilizing ACS, they were able to fully configure devices while they were still at the FrontierUS warehouse, then ship them directly to their clients.

FrontierUS Peplink Case Study goRoam Mobile Office exterior

goRoam Brings Connectivity to a One-of-a-Kind Mobile Office

FrontierUS Peplink goRoam Case Study Mobile Office Interior

The Challenge: Providing Secure, Reliable Internet Across Rural Texas

One of goRoam’s clients approached them looking to solve a problem. He operates an insurance agency that sells policies specifically to teachers. He had the brilliant idea of taking an old school bus and modifying it into a complete mobile office. The problem was that he wasn’t sure how to bring his own internet into the mobile office to carry out business activities with clients.

Because of the nature of his work, he had to meet stringent security requirements. The area in which he works presented additional challenges. He needed secure and reliable internet across a broad swath of rural Texas. He also required support for an IP phone connected to his home office. Lastly, he needed a guest network so that teachers could access their information before and during their appointments.

In this scenario, the goRoam team had to evaluate which provider would be strongest at most of his locations and give him the ability to add more if he ran into trouble. The client was on a waitlist for Starlink but didn’t know how long it would take him to get it. He needed to start working immediately and add Starlink to his network once it became available. It was all about flexibility going into an unknown environment.

The Solution: GoRoam’s Working from Roam Package

Peplink provides the most flexibility in where you can travel and how you can adapt to the local environment. So, goRoam gave him a full Peplink solution. He purchased goRoam’s Working from Roam package with a dual-cellular Peplink router. An active Care Plan allows him to utilize the full suite of Peplink’s SpeedFusion technology. They were able to set up both a highly secure private wireless network for transmitting sensitive data, and separate public network to allow clients to access the internet while in the office. The final pieces of the solution are a Peplink Mobility antenna and Verizon mobile broadband SIM card.

The Outcome: Unbreakable Connectivity

It works flawlessly. He can bring his business to his clients. They’ve had big storms and had major power outages during the winter, but he’s been able to maintain uninterrupted connectivity. His configuration prioritizes key business applications such as Zoom, Google Workspace, and Microsoft teams, and routes them through a secure, resilient SpeedFusion tunnel. Often, he’ll have a client in his mobile office, and they’ll need to bring their spouse in via video or over the phone. His router is preconfigured to allow them to make those calls over a guest network.

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