Harrington Industrial Plastics

Harrington Plastics is the United States’ largest industrial plastics distributor.

Replace Redundant MPLS

Harrington Plastics was planning to upgrade its network equipment. Harrington’s team found that Peplink created faster less expensive MPLS alternatives.

Success Factors

Zero network outages

Seamless hardware failover from one connection method to second connection.

Flexible Options

Designed, prototyped and rolled out entire solution to headquarters and 43 branches within one year with unbreakable VPN


Harrington saved up to $100,000 annually


  • Peplink Balance 1350
  • Peplink Balance 380
  • Unbreakable VPN
FrontierUS Peplink Harrington Industrial Plastics MPLS

More Bandwidth – Lower Cost

Time For An Upgrade

Harrington Industrial Plastics decided it was time to upgrade its network equipment. Its existing solution used redundant MPLS for site-to-site traffic and broadband connections for Internet access. Harrington is the US’s largest distributor of industrial plastics piping, serving all industries with corrosive and high-purity applications. It requires peak performance at all times in order to serve its large customer base and 43 busy branches.

Quick Deployment and Unbreakable Connectivity

In evaluating an upgrade to its network infrastructure, it was only natural that Harrington settled on the best in the industry — Peplink. FrontierUS was chosen to help design and deploy the solution. Since Peplink gear is so easy to configure and install, Harrington was able to design, prototype and roll out the entire solution to the corporate headquarters and all 43 branches within just one year.

The corporate office houses a pair of redundant Balance 1350s for hardware resilience. Served by 4 separate links from multiple service providers, the network’s chance of an outage is practically zero. All 43 branches are now equipped with a fleet of Balance 380s, bonding a combination of DSL, cable and fiber-optic links together with an additional 4G USB modem for added resilience. These work together to create an Unbreakable VPN connection to the Balance 1350s at the corporate office, connecting the final dot.

Dependable, Resilient Networking that’s also Very Budget-friendly

Harrington Industrial Plastics couldn’t be happier. They now benefit from an extremely reliable and cost-effective network. Supplying additional resilience is as easy as plugging in a 4G USB modem. Where the MPLS 768kb deployed previously had cost them $192000 a year for all 40 sites, their new solution is now only costing them $92000. Their total bandwidth has been bumped from 36 Mbps to 138 Mbps.

Charles Miller. Systems Engineering

Yesterday I discontinued our last 3 MPLS circuits (…) Even with this additional redundancy we are still saving almost 100k annually as compared to dedicated T1 and MPLS costs. Not to mention we are now getting 4 times the bandwidth!

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