Longboat Key – Florida

A community wanted shared Wi-Fi with the ability to monitor individual bandwidth usage. Because of the severe weather exposure in the Florida Keys the solution needed to withstand temperature extremes and be protected from wind and salt spray.

Success Factors


Multiple units can be configured quickly in groups with Peplink’s InControl2 web-based management interface for easy deployment


The Pepwave AP PRO Duo IP67 metal enclosures are sealed against dust, sand, salt and water. They can withstand complete immersion in water.

Community Wi-Fi for 212 Homes

A community of homeowners on Longboat Key deployed Pepwave all-weather WiFi Access Points to provide service in the harsh barrier island environment. A 70 foot tower held the Pepwave Access Points with high gain, marine grade antennas to boost the signals East and West. Pepwave Mesh radios in IP67 protected cases, used as signal repeaters, were mounted on street lights.


Pepwave AP Pro Duo

The Pepwave AP Pro Duo Access Point can continue to broadcast simultaneous dual band 802.11a/n and 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi when other systems fail from heat, cold or exposure. Each unit is certified for:

  • RF Port Lightning Immunity ITU-T K.20 (+/- 1.5 kV)
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility EN 61000
  • Shock and Vibration Resistance EN 61373:1999 IEC 61373:1999
  • Temperature Extremes -40°F to +149°F
  • IP67 Rated – No Ingress of Dust, or Water from powerful jets / Immersible to 1 meter