M/Y Fortunate Sun

M/Y Fortunate Sun is a luxury yacht that cruises Europe, the Caribbean, and the USA.

Consistent Data Speed

It was important to have 4G/LTE service onboard as the owner and guests were unhappy with the current data speeds.

Success Factors

Faster Data Speeds

4G/LTE from multiple carriers.

Stable Signal

Consistent connection in a range of locations

Fast Deployment

Easy to install

Consistent Connection in Multiple Countries

One primary challenge for Fortunate Sun was providing consistent data speed and a quality signal. Because the vessel cruises Europe, the Caribbean and USA, access to a reliable, strong consistent signal was crucial for connectivity overseas.

By replacing the previous antenna with the AX Omni Directional High Gain Antenna the vessel was able to extend the range and increase connectivity. In addition, the upload and download speeds increased for maximum usage.