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Turnkey Peplink Connectivity for
Multifamily Residential Communities

Spot On Networks - Turnkey Peplink Connectivity

A Wi-Fi service provider specializing in multi-unit residential buildings (“multi-dwelling units,” or MDUs), FrontierUS channel partner Spot On Networks is dedicated to “keeping humans connected with the people, moments and tasks that are most important to them using innovative technology and reliable wireless solutions.” Whether providing connectivity for residents, back offices, or property-wide IoT devices, Spot On enables essential services for a world in which W-Fi is a utility.

The Challenge

Spot On Networks was contacted by the managers of an Ohio-based continuing care retirement community looking to add Wi-Fi to the list of utilities provided for residents. Simple connectivity was not enough, though—the community needed a partner that could provide a responsive point-of-contact for residents in order to avoid community management becoming an IT helpdesk.

The community’s connectivity needs didn’t end with in-unit Wi-Fi, either. In order to maintain seamless connectivity across the grounds, they were looking for a solution that could provide access in both indoor and outdoor common areas. Management staff would need Wi-Fi in their offices, as well, and the ideal solution would support a network of Google Nest Hubs and smart access control devices for external doors.

A typical Spot On Networks Peplink deployment
A typical Spot On Networks Peplink deployment

Luckily, Spot On Networks excels in multifaceted solutions. “We sell to property groups, and in general they don’t just want to add wireless connectivity—they want a demonstrable ROI on their infrastructure investment,” said Matt Tyre, Spot On Networks’ Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “We show that not only is our service great for your residents and staff, but we also support the IoT devices that you’re using to save money on energy or prevent theft. We demonstrate value on both levels.”

The Solution

Spot On designed a custom “bulk Wi-Fi” solution that included access points in units and common areas, as well as controllers and switches. The solution is built on the Peplink Balance 305.

“The 305s are good for our large common and amenity area deployments of 10+ access points as well as for smaller multi-dwelling unit spaces,” said a member of the Spot On technical team. “You have ease-of-use in setting up port forwarding, bandwidth controls, and VLAN setups.”

The Peplink Balance 305
The Peplink Balance 305

Using the 305’s VLAN capabilities, Spot On segmented the network for each use case. One private Wi-Fi network was established for staff, with a second for residents that included a custom splash page to handle authentication and create a seamless onboarding experience. Finally, a third private network was set up for the IoT devices. Spot On handled the installation themselves.

Once the installation was complete, support was turned over to Spot On’s 24/7/365 network operations center. Peplink’s remote management capabilities make troubleshooting a smooth process. 

“Peplink’s InControl 2 cloud capabilities are directly integrated into our support processes,” said Tyre. “As the connectivity provider, we need to be able to support our customers, and support them quickly. Peplink has been the controller of choice both for the front-end design capabilities and the support process.”

Technologies Utilized

A range of Peplink and Pepwave devices and technologies, including:

Peplink Balance 305

InControl 2

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