Pluss – United Kingdom

Pluss is the largest social firm in the UK. They provide careers and work for people with disabilities.

Replace Expensive MPLS

They were looking to replace their externally sourced WAN infrastructure to an in-house solution that they could manage.

Success Factors


Use commodity links to make ongoing costs of upgrading and expanding affordable


Bond multiple commodity links


Cut Expenses – Boost Performance

A Peplink customer since 2006, Pluss is a social enterprise that each year makes gainful employment a reality for more than 5000 disabled and disadvantaged UK citizens. With 37 locations and 300+ active users, Pluss makes heavy use of its WAN infrastructure, which was built on managed MPLS lines.

Hoping to cut expenses and, if possible, boost performance at the same time, Steve Taylor, IT Manager at Pluss, set out to find a solution that would allow Pluss to replace costly MPLS service with a commodity alternative, such as DSL or EFM.

Steve found the solution Pluss needed in Peplink products, especially the Balance series of high-performance enterprise routers and SpeedFusion bonding technology. Pluss now powers its entire WAN infrastructure with simple-to-install, highly reliable, and cost-effective Peplink gear, which allows it to aggregate DSL and other commodity connections and replace expensive leased lines.

Steve Taylor, IT Manager, Pluss

“We chose the Peplink products because they allowed us to bond up to 13 WAN connections into a single logical link using their SpeedFusion technology.”

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