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A New Opportunity to Grow Together

What is the FrontierUS Connectivity Program?

Network resiliency is more important than ever, and cellular connectivity is often necessary for an organization’s primary WAN or as a failover solution. Cellular set-ups and connections often require solutions providers to bring in additional vendors, which adds cost and time. To streamline the process of our Partners monetizing data sales, FrontierUS has expanded our offerings to include cellular data.

By leveraging these new Data Resale and Co-sale offerings, our partners can save time and increase their profit margins.

Benefits of Participating in the Connectivity Program

We Make Things Easier

Managing data plans from multiple vendors adds time, cost, and complexity to projects. Save time and resources by relying on FrontierUS as a single source for configuring, installing, and activating wireless and cellular networks. We offer a wide range of data options to fit any customer’s needs and conditions.

FrontierUS Connectivity Consolidate Vendors
FrontierUS Connectivity Save Customers Time
  • FrontierUS streamlines plan management with a single access portal for all devices and plans.
  • We have a wide range of ready-to-ship inventory that includes Peplink, Starlink, and much more.
  • Frontier can activate and ship live SIMs with every device, allowing Partners to capture the revenue from data sales without the need to directly manage data sales.

Increase Profits

Internet outages are devastating to a business, costing time and money. Cellular networks address this problem effectively. However, they can be very costly for end users working in remote locations, geographically dispersed locations, or adverse conditions. By participating in the FrontierUS Connectivity Program, Partners can solve this challenge for their end-users while creating a robust stream of recurring revenue.

FrontierUS Connectivity Revenue Generation
FrontierUS Connectivity Streamline Logistics
  • Seamlessly bundle data services with connectivity solutions to offer end-users complete solutions that just work, right out of the box
  • Simplify logistics and save on shipping costs by drop-shipping plug-and-play solutions directly to end-users
  • Take advantage of pooled data plans for multi-device deployments to control costs and simplify the purchasing process.

Committed to Partner Success

FrontierUS is committed to helping our Partners build flexible, highly resilient networks.

    • We have enterprise-grade equipment that is capable of withstanding harsh environments.
    • We offer 5G coverage from the three largest U.S. networks and more than 800 networks worldwide – all on a single SIM
    • Remote management streamlines network troubleshooting to ensure maximum uptime and minimal downtime.

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