Starlink with Peplink to Brings Robust Connectivity to Leighton Art Centre

DCI Technologies

Leighton Art Center needed a cost-effective solution that could provide connectivity for over 20,000 attendees per year in a remote location east of the Canadian Rockies. DCI Technologies to solved their connectivity challenges by combining Starlink with Peplink technologies.

Success Factors

Starlink with Peplink Is All Upside

A Balance 20X serves as the main router, combining Starlink and cellular signal through a Telus Hub via two WAN connections. Peplink’s Mobility 42G antenna optimizes signal reception throughout the complex, and a Peplink 8-port rugged switch connects 5 external buildings to the network. WiFi signal is no issue with Peplink’s AP One AC Mini, which DCI installed in each of the buildings on site

Precision and Control

Peplink’s InControl2 is used to efficiently route data traffic. The application determines which connection is used. The art center’s eCommerce VLAN uses SpeedFusion Connect Protect for seamless connectivity on their hosted web store. Guests’ internet connection only utilizes the Starlink connection.


Key Ingredients for DCI Technologies’ Peplink with Starlink Solution

FrontierUS Peplink Case Study Starlink Historic Schoolhouse Leigthon Art Centre

Nestled in Alberta’s rolling foothills just east of the Canadian Rockies, the Leighton Art Centre is a haven for art, community education, Native culture preservation, and boasts 80 acres of wildlife conservation. Despite its remote location, the art center draws over 20,000 attendees per year, but suffered from poor wired line infrastructure and expensive cellular data usage. The organization contacted DCI Technologies to solve their connectivity challenges, which their expert team quickly accomplished by combining Starlink with Peplink technologies.

The Challenge: Demanding requirements, Remote Location

Scarce wired broadband and costly cellular network infrastructure posed a challenge for the art center’s robust data transfer requirements. With their eCommerce platform, on-site point of sale system, and coordinated student programs through the local school systemalong with visitor expectations for reliable public Wi-Fi, the art center needed a better solution for their demanding data usage requirements. 

The Solution: Starlink with Peplink

Our experienced partner, DCI Technologies, understood the Peplink deployment that would solve the Leighton Centre’s connectivity challenges. With the help of FrontierUS, their teams procured the deployment solution. A Balance 20X serves as the main router, combining Starlink and cellular signal through a Telus Hub via two WAN connections. Peplink’s Mobility 42G antenna optimizes signal reception throughout the complex, and a Peplink 8-port rugged switch connects 5 external buildings to the network. WiFi signal is no issue with Peplink’s AP One AC Mini, which DCI installed in each of the buildings on site.  

Multiple VLANs with variable outbound policies, priorities and content filtering were all configured through Peplink’s intuitive web GUI, InControl2, to efficiently route data traffic. Specific connections are assigned to the appropriate applications. For example, the art center’s eCommerce VLAN uses SpeedFusion Connect Protect for seamless connectivity on their hosted web store. Their Captive Guest Portal, on the other hand, is powered solely by Starlink signal.

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