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Network Security: 8 Ways Peplink Keeps Your Data Safe

Undeniable Network Security with Peplink

In networking, demands for reliability, speed, and especially security increase continually. Peplink has established itself in the market as a leader in providing unbreakable connectivity. However, they have also succeeded in creating a technology ecosystem with world-class network security capabilities.

Peplink is setting new benchmarks for network security with a unique combination of complete network solutions, VPN capabilities, and simplified network management. Taken together, these capabilities make their products the premier choice for organizations prioritizing secure SD-WAN connectivity.

Boost Network Security: Uniquely Complete Solutions

There are complete Peplink solutions suitable for any scale of deployment, from small offices to large enterprises. This enhances network security through consistent policy enforcement, simplified management, and seamless integration. By utilizing Peplink’s integrated security features across all devices, organizations benefit from a robust defense against threats, ensuring a secure and reliable network regardless of the deployment size.

FrontierUS Peplink SpeedFusion VPN for Network Security

The Core of Peplink’s Innovation: SpeedFusion

Peplink’s proprietary SpeedFusion technology is at the heart of its SD-WAN solutions. SpeedFusion doesn’t just make connections more reliable. This technology can create unbreakable VPN tunnels across multiple connections, whether they are satellite, broadband, or cellular connections. Although these connections are bonded into a single data pipe, packets are split across all available connections. Crucially, each connection is individually encrypted. So, potential hackers would need to obtain the key to every connection to access data.

Military-Grade AES-256 Encryption

Encryption is the linchpin of network security. Peplink doesn’t just understand this; they champion it. SpeedFusion VPN tunnels are protected by military-grade AES-256 encryption, ensuring that data passing over the VPN is completely secure.  Even the world’s most powerful supercomputers would need millions of years to crack it.

Whether your data is in transit over public internet lines or within your private network, Peplink’s encryption standards guarantee that your information remains confidential and secure, safeguarding your organization’s most valuable assets.

FrontierUS Peplink FIPS Validated Network Security

FIPS Certification for Opportunities and Peace of Mind

Peplink’s encryption methods have passed the  Federal Information Processing Standard Publication 140-2 (FIPS) certification process. This certification validates the reliability and security of cryptographic modules that are essential for protecting sensitive data. For resellers looking to win contracts for government network deployments, these certifications are crucial. However, it should also give peace of mind to those considering new Peplink deployments in the private sector.

Simplified Network Security Management with InControl2

Peplink’s InControl 2 remote management platform makes networks more secure. This cloud-based platform offers configuration, updates, and the ability to centrally manage the security of your entire network. This means more than just convenience. With comprehensive oversight, network administrators can quickly identify and mitigate threats, ensuring the security of your network.

FrontierUS Peplink InControl 2 Network Security
FrontierUS Peplink InTouch for Secure OOBM

Secure Out of Band Management with InTouch

For preexisting networks, choosing to add a Peplink device for Out of Band Management (OOBM) provides security benefits as well. Every Peplink router comes with InTouch for OOBM, and InTouch never requires security compromises like Public IPs or inbound access through firewalls.

Staying Ahead with Regular Firmware Updates

Securing a network isn’t a one-time process. It’s an ongoing battle. On this front, Peplink is proactive. They maintain the security of their devices through regular firmware updates. In addition to adding features, these firmware updates patch vulnerabilities and keep networks a step ahead of potential threats. This approach ensures that devices remain protected against evolving cyber threats.

Deep Engagement, Continuous Improvement

Peplink’s engagement with its user community is a critical component of its product development process. They actively incorporate feedback from the Peplink community for product enhancements and security updates. This collaborative approach keeps them at the forefront of networking technology and ensures timely responses to market demands and security issues.

Conclusion: An Industry Leader in Network Security

Peplink is a key player in the world of SD-WAN network solutions. Organizations around the globe are taking advantage of their innovative SpeedFusion technology, robust encryption standards, and commitment to continuous improvement. Peplink solutions provide more than just connectivity. They offer the peace of mind that comes with knowing your network is secure, reliable, and ready for the challenges of tomorrow.

Real-World Application: Comprehensive Communication Services

Peplink is the backbone of their connectivity solution, and it’s trusted by government agencies in 14 countries. Read case study here.

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