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New Peplink Product Spotlight: The B Series

Peplink is launching three new products as part of their brand new B Series: the B One, the B One Plus, and the B One 5G. All three deliver incredible performance at a competitive price point. They also come with the key capabilities Peplink is known for, such as remote management through In Control 2, bonding and hot failover with SpeedFusion, and InTouch for simplified Out of Band Management. New Peplink features, like Starlink integration, are also present. With that said, let’s dive into the details of each new device.

Peplink B One

Dual WAN Gigabit SD-WAN Router

The B One’s Dual WAN architecture keeps you connected even when one of your Internet lines goes down. Users will also notice improved Wi-Fi performance thanks to Wi-Fi 6. This affordable, yet powerful device delivers 1 Gbps of of router throughput. It can also make use of the full suite of SpeedFusion features — Hot Failover, WAN Smoothing, and Bandwidth Bonding. Taken together, all these features make it a perfect fit for Small Office/Home Office applications.

FrontierUS New Product Spotlight Peplink B One

Peplink B One Plus

Dual WAN Gigabit SD-WAN router with integrated Cat-4 Cellular Modem

FrontierUS Peplink B One Plus

The B One Plus comes with all of the advantages of the B One and adds a CAT-4 cellular modem. That addition, along with Dual WAN architecture, allows for a cellular connection to be used either as a primary source of connectivity, or as a backup in the event of a wireline failure. This capability makes the B One Plus an attractive choice for Retail applications, in addition to Home Office/Small Office. SpeedFusion’s hot failover capabilities allow for session persistence, meaning no dropped calls and no connection interruptions in the event of the primary connection going down.

Peplink B One 5G

Dual WAN Gigabit SD-WAN router with integrated 5G cellular modem

The B One 5G brings full 5G speeds to the B Series. It’s tailor made for Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) with 5G and designed for use with MSP 5G/LTE Gateway devices. As with the B One and B One Plus, it allows bonding of various connections, including bonding of cellular with wired connections or Starlink. It also has the capability to Load Balance different internet sources (Cable, Fiber, 5G/LTE). With InTouch, you can easily add the B One 5G to an existing network and improve your network reliability with a 5G cellular backup connection.

FrontierUS New Product Spotlight Peplink B One 5G

FrontierUS also offers Advanced Configuration Services that make it possible to ship out preconfigured devices that can power up and connect instantly. All of these features and advantages make the B One 5G an affordable, futureproof powerhouse for Home Office/Small Office as well as Retail applications.

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